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Fiesta MK7 Heater panel LED conversion

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2015 1:21 pm
by Rusty2009
Fiesta MK7 Heater panel LED conversion

Tools need

1x Trox T-9

1x slot head screw driver


[url=""]Solder station with Hot air[/url].

Parts needed

[url=""]30x Plcc-2 LED's[/url]

(13 for Blue outlined, 9 for orange outlined, 6 for red outlined 1 for pink out outlined & 1 for aqua outlined).


So remove the heater panel from the car.


Then you need to remove the 2 trox screws from the back


Next using a slot head screw driver unclip the backing plate all the way around


Next job is to remove the PCB board (you may find the rubber pad & display screen stick to the board so take care).



Carefully take white block and lift it up, and then place it back in the control front



Followed by the rubber pad


Set everything aside so you just have the PCB board in front of you.

I've marked it all out to make it easier for you all.


1.The Black line is the negative end of the LED.

2.Orange = Tell tell Led's (light up when you've selected a mode).

3.Blue = Buttons.

4.Aqua = Max button (leave this alone).

5.Pink = red side of temp MAKE THIS RED.

6.RED = Small display panel.

You can tell which end of LED is negative by the cut on the conner (see image below)


I buy the Led's from [url=""]bright_components[/url]

When de-soldering the LED's no more heat then 300 and air at no more than 3&half.

Use a pair of tweezers to remove the LED you may need to add a small bit of solder.

When soldering the new led get the LED the correct way round and hold it in the pair of tweezers, then heat the solder using the hot-air tool and once you see the solder melt then put the LED in place remove the hot-air tool and keep the LED still for 30-60 seconds.

Once you're done fit all back together and fit it back in the car.