Fiesta Mk7 2008/2012 Bluetooth Voice Commands

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Fiesta Mk7 2008/2012 Bluetooth Voice Commands

Postby patterson » Mon Sep 29, 2014 11:22 am

-- "Call [ First Name] [Last Name]"
e.g."Call Fred Bloggs"
-- "Dial number"
-- "Redial"
-- "Telephone"
-- "Play Radio"
-- "Station name"
-- "Play Bluetooth"
-- "Play USB"
-- "Play iPod"
-- "Play CD"
-- "Line in" I "Auxiliary"
-- "Climate"
-- "Temperature", e.g.
"Temperature 21 degrees"
-- "Auto mode"
-- "Defrosting on / off"
-- "Demisting on / off"
"radio" "USB" I "iPod" I "CD" "Bluetooth"
-- "Play"
-- "FM" I "AM" e.g. "FM 123,4"
-- "Station name"
-- "Store name"
-- "Delete name"
-- "Delete directory"
-- "Play directory"
-- "Play"
-- "Track"
-- "Shuffle all"
-- "Shuffle folder"
-- "Shuffle off"
-- "Repeat folder"
-- "Repeat track"
-- "Repeat off"
-- "Play"
-- "Shuffle all"
-- "Shuffle off"
-- "Repeat track"
-- "Repeat off"
The commands "Help", "Back" and "Cancel" can be used in every Voice controlled situation.
A more detailed voice command overview can be found in the vehicle handbook or in the online flyer at
If the "DVD/Touch Screen Navigation (NX)" navigation system is installed, you must use the voice commands shown
on the display. Please consult the Ford driver‘s manual for further information.
The system supports the following languages: EN, GER, FRA, SPA, ITA, POR, TR, RUS, SWE, POL, NED, CZ, DK.
Please contact your authorised Ford dealer if you require further details.

Voice control is this easy
To experience how easy it is to use voice control, try out the system using the following example:
Activate the voice control system by pressing the VOICE button (MODE button)*, wait till you hear the beep
and then say the command. You can interrupt the activated command at any time by pressing the VOICE
button (MODE button)* again.
For example, it just takes a few simple steps to tune in the radio station of your choice:
Your action The system replies
Step 1 Press VOICE button (MODE button) "Beep"
Step 2 Say "Radio" "Radio"
Step 3 Say e.g. "FM 123,4" Radio is playing
As you can see, a dialogue consists of just a few easy steps. Press the VOICE button (MODE button)*, choose a
device, select a function and indicate the value/name.
Please keep in mind that background noise in the vehicle (e.g. an open window or passengers talking) can interfere
with the voice control system. Please use only the predefined commands (see Commands List).
* The VOICE button (MODE button) is located either on the audio remote control on the steering wheel or on the turn signal lever.

The Ford voice control system – safety and convenience
Voice commands allow you to operate both your Ford audio system and your mobile phone.
You can control several functions using a defined dialogue with fixed voice commands.
The microphone is directed toward the driver’s seat. Speak the command clearly and at an appropriate volume.

Would you like to use your mobile phone in your Ford? Or listen to music on your iPod, USB stick or mobile
phone? Operate everything using voice commands? No problem with your new Ford. This Getting Started guide
explains how to use this system.
1. Phoning via Bluetooth
2. USB/iPod use
3. Voice control
To find out which mobile phones, USB devices and Apple products can be connected to the system and to
access other information (frequently asked questions, step-by-step video instructions) on your Ford audio system,
go to:
How to connect your mobile phone with your Ford via Bluetooth
Before you can use your phone in your Ford, you have to create a Bluetooth connection.
Please note that video instructions are also available on the internet at:
First familiarise yourself with your mobile phone‘s Bluetooth functions (see the user manual for your phone) and then
proceed as follows:
1. Switch on your phone’s Bluetooth function.
2. In the Bluetooth menu on your phone, search for "Ford Audio" and then select it.
3. A personal PIN will now appear on the radio display. Enter this PIN in your mobile phone. If no PIN appears on
the radio display, enter "0000" in your mobile phone and then the PIN that appears on the radio display.
4. If your phone asks if you would like this connection to be automatic in future, confirm with "Yes".
5. Now your phone is active and you can use the handsfree functions.
If you authorise the Bluetooth connection to Ford Audio, your phone will automatically connect when the vehicle is
started (see the user manual for your phone).
If the Bluetooth connection is unstable, it may help to restart your mobile occasionally.
You can register up to six mobile phones in the system, but only one can be the active phone you use to make or
take calls.
You have several options for making a phone call using your Ford audio system, which are described in the following
Accessing phone contacts in your Ford
The Ford audio system uses the personal phonebook stored on your mobile phone (if your phone supports this function).
1. Dialling a contact from your phonebook using the radio system
To make use of your personal phonebook entries, press the "Phone" button on your radio. Look in the "Phonebook"
menu to select the entry you want and then press the button to connect ("Dial").
2. Dialling an entry from your calls list using the radio system.
Dialling an entry from your calls list using the radio system. Another way to make a call is to use your mobile
phone’s calls list (if your phone supports this function). Press the "Phone" button and choose from one of the
menus "Missed Calls", "Received Calls" or "Dialled Numbers". Select the number you want from the phone
numbers stored there and press the button to connect ("Dial").
On some phones it may be necessary to accept the request to download the phonebook when connecting your
phone to your Ford for the first time.
Phoning safely in your Ford
Your Ford audio system can connect your call in various ways, which are described in the following section.
1. Using voice commands to dial a contact from your phonebook
If you want to call someone whose number is already stored in your phonebook, you can use the direct voice
command "Call [First NAME] [LAST NAME]".
Your action The system replies
Step 1 Press VOICE button (MODE button) "Beep"
Step 2 Say "Call Fred Bloggs"
"Call Fred Bloggs at home, mobile phone?
Please select a category."
Step 3 Say "At home" Dialing
You can reduce the number of steps by saying: "Call Fred Bloggs at home" in step 2.
This feature requires the fields for "First name" and "Last name" to be filled out properly in your mobile phonebook
(see the user manual of your phone).
2. Using voice commands to dial a number
Say the phone number in blocks of digits or as an uninterrupted sequence of digits.
The system will repeat the digits as a block. Please do not use any filler words.
Your action The system replies
Step 1 Press VOICE button (MODE button) "Beep"
Step 2 Say "Dial number" "Number please"
Step 3
Enter the desired phone number as
described above
With the phone number and adds "Continue"
Step 4 Continue entering the number or say "Dial" Dialling
You can reduce the number of steps by saying: "0123456789 dial" in step 3.
3. Dialling by entering numbers on the radio keypad
You can enter the desired number manually. Press the"Phone" button on your radio keypad and enter the desired
number. Then press the button ("Dial"). The system will connect you. You can end the call by pressing
the button ("End").
Some radio models do not offer this function.
4. Taking and ending calls
You can accept incoming calls using the optional "Mode" button or the optional button on the steering
wheel remote control. You can reject or end calls using the optional button on the steering wheel
remote control.
Enjoying mobile music in your Ford *
You can connect a number of different mobile music sources to your Ford audio system and listen to the music
of your choice in high quality stereo sound.
Additional information on the compatibility of music players and how to connect them can be found in step-bystep
video instructions on:
Depending on the audio system, you can choose from the following music sources:
USB storage media
Just connect e.g. a USB storage medium to the USB port in your Ford and choose it as the playback source on
your audio system’s menu. You will see the file structure of your USB storage medium on the display. Supported
audio formats: MP3, WMA and WAV.
The first time you connect your USB storage medium, it may take some time to load the music data, depending
on the number of tracks. Once the data has been completely loaded, there will be no further waiting time in future.
If you change the data on the USB storage medium, the system will treat it as a first-time connection, and it
will again take time to load the information. We do not recommend the use of USB hard drives.
Apple iPod
You can operate your iPod just like you usually do very easily via the Ford audio system. For the best operating comfort
and optimal sound quality, we advise using the original Apple USB cable. The direct connection temporarily
overrides any existing playback via Bluetooth audio streaming for the appliance that is connected via USB.
Bluetooth music source, for example Smart Phones
Via the Bluetooth connection you can play music tracks stored on your mobile phone in stereo.
How to activate the music source of your choice
Connect the music player you want to use to your Ford audio system. Select the desired source (USB, iPod or
Bluetooth) by pressing the "AUX" button repeatedly until you see it displayed, or via voice command. The device
you selected will automatically begin playback.
You can also use the USB port to charge your mobile device.
The volume of Bluetooth audio devices depend on the device itself. Please make sure that you set the volume to
the maximum level on the device.
* Mobile music functions are only available with the "USB/iPod" equipment package. In this case your car will be equipped with
a USB port, which is located, depending on the car model, either in the glove compartment, the centre console or the armrest

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